Goals 2016

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As the year ends it is a nice time to reflect on this year. In the beginning of this year I set some goals for myself, these goals were not only work related but also a few on personal development.

The work related goals were setup during the year, the first one was creating a blog post every week for at least three months, I started with this because the constituency of content was about one post a month or even less. I wanted to share my knowledge more and this gave me a great way to do it. At first I had trouble finding a subject to write about, but now I have a small backlog of items to write about. This goal made me create more content and also quality content. My other goal was to speak more at seminars, this year I did three presentations, one was at the DIWUG) and two where at our own Microsoft Heroes academy). Some of the posts were also posted on ITUnity.com and on microsofthelden.nl

In the beginning of the year I also wrote an article in the DIWUG magazine), I have one new article in the planning for the new DIWUG magazine.

I visited a lot of meetings from DIWUG, SharePoint Saturday’s and Microsoft Ignite, this gave me a lot of learning experiences that is needed in the kind of work I do.

Personal goals

About two years ago I came across a company called Infinite Prosperity, this company has a course about Forex trading, but also a lot in that course is about mindset. During this course I found that I could use some help on my mindset and found this in some seminars and books. For the books I like to use audiobooks, this makes my ride to and from work a lot more productive. For audiobooks I like to use Audible.

I went to two seminars this year to work on my mindset, the first one was from Tony Robbins called Unleash the Power Within (UPW) this seminar takes four days and is meant to give you some clarity in yourself. This was an amazing experience and I might attend again in the future. Next year it is again in London (https://arjansp.nl/UPW2017). The other seminar was Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) from T Harv Eker, this is a three day seminar in the Netherlands where you get to know what your money blueprint is and how you can change that If you like to. After the seminar you get a 90 day workbook to complete, I completed it even while on holiday and noticed that I’m more aware of my finances. This is also a great book “secret of a millionaire mind

Besides these goals was a very big goal. I wanted to go to Australia to visit the Infinite Prosperity Annual Ball. When I set that goal I did not know how to do it, but finally I made the trip all the way to the Gold Coast for tis ball. It took some effort for myself to book the tickets and go, but I’m so glad I did it. I think I wouldn’t have done this if I did not go to both UPW and MMI. Currently I’m writing this post in the Sydney airport waiting for the check-in of my flight back home. Besides the ball I also rented with 19 other students 2 giant houses with every luxury that you can image. It was amazing living with so many likeminded people.

One of the founders and trainers of Infinite Prosperity posted a video on YouTube about stretching yourself, it is great to get out of your comfort zone to see what is behind the line you set for yourself. This video ‘Stretching yourself’ was about this. I did this by giving some presentations and also for my trip to the US I stretched myself in flying Business Class, I always wanted to know how that was, in one word incredible, and this became a new goal, travel business class where possible.

Next year’s goals

Now I can get starting with creating my new goals for 2017 witch will be even bigger then this years. A big thing I leant this year is that setting the goal and focusing on the outcome is way more important than trying to find out what you need to do to reach it. And surround yourself with people like yourself and where you can learn from. People that have the same mindset as yourself.