Creating standardized emails from flow

Arjan Cornelissen
This week I had to convert a few dozen Nintex workflows to Microsoft flow for a migration we are doing. Most of these workflows had some sort of email to a department or an external vendor. The default Exchange email connector can handle HTML but you need to add the HTML to the email body. Adding the header and footer to every email can be done, but maintaining this is a nightmare so we did some thinking and came up with this solution.

SharePoint Saturday Paris May 28 2016

On May 28th 2016 I visited SharePoint Saturday in Paris ( The event was held in the Montparnasse Tower in the center of Paris on the 40th floor. We had an amazing view from that height. This article contains my notes of the day. Start of the day We had some trouble getting in the building because of some regulations of the building owner, but when we were all registered we could go all the way up to the 40th floor.

SharePoint 2013 Workflow

Arjan Cornelissen
?A few weeks ago I was asked to create a solution to copy a document in SharePoint to another system. This other system had the ability to receive documents and their metadata thru webservices. We have a policy that we only use Out-of-the-box solutions or the app model. I knew that SharePoint 2013 Workflow no has the option to use webservices so I thought this is going to be an easy one.