All the sessions of the SharePoint Conference 2014 are now available on

Like many other people I like to watch some of the sessions I missed during the conference. I also do not like to watch this from my laptop so I wanted to download the sessions I would like to see.

After a few hours of trying myself I found on Yammer that there were many others trying the same thing and 1 had created and shared a really nice PowerShell script to download everything.
This script can be downloaded and used from
here. For me the script did not work so I have updated this to use ‘Start-BitsTransfer -Source $url -Destination $dest -TransferType Download‘ instead of the WebClient.DownloadFile()

During the conference me and my colleague
Matthias Sparreboom took a lot of notes in OneNote witch I published on my blog as a
PDF. Our other colleague
Albert Hoitingh posted his notes on his


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