Change the default title within SharePoint

Today I got the question to change the default title of SharePoint at the top of the page

They wanted this default text “SharePoint” to be the title of the site they are. This text is inside a delegate control called “SuiteBarBrandingDelegate”. Now we can create a delegate control that changes the text and install this as a solution to our farm. But we have the goal to have as less as possible solutions to our farm.

I knew from my installations with the AutoSPInstaller that this text could be changed and looked at the PowerShell how this is done. In this PowerShell I saw that the SPWebApplication has a property called SuiteBarBrandingHtml. This control contains the html text that is displayed on every page of the web application.

This is basic html so we can add some JavaScript to get the title of the current site and display this. So with a quick search on the internet I found a blog of someone that created a complete breadcrumb here ( With the help of the code in file Add-SPTitle.ps1 I created a small script to only show the web title.

To reverse it back to the original we can use the code in Remove-SPTitle.ps1