PowerShell where-object query on large datasets

The last few weeks I had to create a few PowerShell scripts where I had to combine certain information from several sources. The way I used to do it was to do a where-object on an ID in an array. This works well, but I noticed that on large datasets it takes a lot of time. A where-object on a dataset of 30.000 items it takes on average between 1 and 2 seconds.

Upgrading cloud users to synced users

Arjan Cornelissen
Some time ago I got the question if it was possible to start using AAD Connect while some of the users are already in Office 365 with a cloud account without losing their content and access. So this was a first that I had this question and found myself searching on the internet and found an article from Microsoft that this was possible. This article describes that you can start syncing an on-premises AD with Azure AD when you already have users in Azure AD.

Connect to SharePoint Online in Azure Automation app credentials

In this post, I want to take you with me how you can use app credentials in an Azure Automation script to connect to SharePoint Online. Many PowerShell scripts use a username and password, but these are less secure than using an app credential and can also be used to login to SharePoint Online in the browser. By default, connecting to SharePoint uses basic authentication and many companies are on route to disable this to make use of conditional Access and MFA.

Azure AD profile properties in SharePoint profile

Arjan Cornelissen
A common situation in SharePoint is adding custom properties to a SharePoint profile. In an on-premises environment, it was very easy to link these properties to a property in AD. In SharePoint Online, you are not able to link these Azure AD properties. So how can we solve this? There is a very simple solution for this in the Office Dev PnP PowerShell pack called ‘Set-PnPProfileProperty’. This command sets any user profile property for the given user.

DIWUG Presentation May 18e 2017

Arjan Cornelissen
This week I did a presentation at DIWUG about how to use Azure Automation in combination with Office 365 I told about the possibilities of Azure Automation, what you can do with it in general and then zoomed in on specific tasks within Office 365 like setting the useslocation of your users. When you need a Hybrid configuration and how you can use version control with your scripts. [slideshare id=83741543&doc=20170518-watkanazureautomationbiedenvooroffice365klanten-171209194336]

Azure Automation credentials

Arjan Cornelissen
Last week I found out that the account name that you use in Azure automation are case-sensitive. We found this after a co-worker was adding a credential to the credentials assets. I had used some capital letters to read the account name a bit better in our local AD and my co-worker just wrote them down with small letters. He came back to me asking if the password was correct because the credentials did not work.

Ignite 2016 Atlanta summary

Last week I had the privilege to attent Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. This week was full of news, sessions and a lot of walking. Besides the sessions, this year the expo hall was large, I have spend a lot of time at the expo talking to venders, partners and Microsoft. I have created a PDF from all my notes. On a few notes I have references to slides, the slides should be come available on https://myignite.

Presentation Ops in DevOps for Office 365

Arjan Cornelissen
I’m part of the Microsoft Heroes at Sogeti and this week we had an evening event about DevOps where I did a talk about the operations part of DevOps for Office 365. At my current customer we are preparing Office 365 for deployment to every employee in the Netherlands. So far we had moved 1000 employees of one operating company and we are now working to get the rest of the Dutch working companies to Office 365.