Grammarly, my writing assistant

Arjan Cornelissen
This week I will share a tool I use daily as a non-native English speaker and writer; spelling and grammar are not my best skills, so about five years ago, I found Grammarly. What is Grammarly Grammarly is a service that assists you with your writing skills. It marks your spelling and grammar mistakes and explains why things are a mistake and how you can improve it. It works by default in the browser, Microsoft Office, an app on your machine, and a keyboard on your mobile.

Speaking at SPSNL 18

Arjan Cornelissen
This morning I had the ability to deliver a session at SharePoint Saturday in the Netherlands. The session is about first line workers and what Office 365 has to offer them. See below a really great sketchnote that Luise (@LuiseFreese) made. joined a nice session regarding firstlineworkers with @arjancornelis at @spsnl #SPSNL18 #spsnl — Luise Freese 👑 Crown & Wand Academy (@LuiseFreese) June 30, 2018 The complete presentation can be viewed on SlideShare [slideshare id=103742312&doc=20180630-spsnlusingoffice365foryourfirstlineworkers-180630111437]

SPS Paris and SPS Belgium

Last two weekends I went to SharePoint Saturday in Paris and Belgium. It is always great to meet other SharePoint and Office 365 consultants, customers and suppliers. SPS Paris The first weekend I went to Paris where I did not read my emails to carefully, so I was at the wrong venue. I was not the only one. It took some extra time to get to the new location. Arrived there I was just in time for the first session; this was a session about the secure score site from Microsoft.

Enabling modern authentication on Office 365

Arjan Cornelissen
The first thing that might come to your mind might be that modern authentication is enabled for Office 365. Well that is partly true. It is enabled for SharePoint online, not for Exchange and Skype for Business if your tenant is created before august 1st 2017. While writing this about 95% of the tenants are older then 1 month so modern authentication is not enabled for Exchange and Skype for Business.

Benefits of the cloud

Arjan Cornelissen
This post was inspired by a Facebook group where there was a question what we could teach the others and since my expertise is about Office 365 and Azure and suggested that I could write about that, but it was to technical so they asked me to make teach a higher over topic. One of the topics is explaining the benefits of using the cloud. To do that I need to start what the cloud is.

SharePoint Saturday Munich 2017

This year of SharePoint Saturday’s started with the one in Munich last weekend. This time there was also a preconference session on Friday. The sessions on Friday and Saturday were held at the brand-new building of Microsoft Germany. Friday session This year they organized two preconference sessions. A developer one about Office Dev PnP and an IT Pro about SharePoint 2016. I went to the SharePoint 2016 session where they talked about all the aspects of SharePoint 20116.

Ignite 2016 Atlanta summary

Last week I had the privilege to attent Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. This week was full of news, sessions and a lot of walking. Besides the sessions, this year the expo hall was large, I have spend a lot of time at the expo talking to venders, partners and Microsoft. I have created a PDF from all my notes. On a few notes I have references to slides, the slides should be come available on https://myignite.

Term store import file conversion

This week I was working with the term store and had to create and import a big chuck of data in the term store. We all know that we have multiple options here Just enter them one by one in the browser (great for a few entries) Use the csv import Use CSOM Use Office Dev PnP PowerShell This post will address the csv import. Getting started with the csv For the csv import we have a sample that can be downloaded from the term store (http://-admin.

SharePoint Saturday Paris May 28 2016

On May 28th 2016 I visited SharePoint Saturday in Paris ( The event was held in the Montparnasse Tower in the center of Paris on the 40th floor. We had an amazing view from that height. This article contains my notes of the day. Start of the day We had some trouble getting in the building because of some regulations of the building owner, but when we were all registered we could go all the way up to the 40th floor.