SharePoint Saturday Munich 2017

This year of SharePoint Saturday’s started with the one in Munich last weekend. This time there was also a preconference session on Friday. The sessions on Friday and Saturday were held at the brand-new building of Microsoft Germany. Friday session This year they organized two preconference sessions. A developer one about Office Dev PnP and an IT Pro about SharePoint 2016. I went to the SharePoint 2016 session where they talked about all the aspects of SharePoint 20116.

SharePoint Saturday Brussel October 15, 2016

Last weekend I visited SharePoint Saturday in Brussel Belgium. This was my fourth time here in Belgium and again a great one. The day was setup up 6 sessions of 50 minutes and a lunch break of 1.5 hours with a 30 minute. We started at 9 with a welcome from the BIWUG team and the first session started short after that. I started with some developer sessions. Get Typing with TypeScript I started the day with a session from David Opdendries (@sharepointdavid)

Ignite 2016 Atlanta summary

Last week I had the privilege to attent Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. This week was full of news, sessions and a lot of walking. Besides the sessions, this year the expo hall was large, I have spend a lot of time at the expo talking to venders, partners and Microsoft. I have created a PDF from all my notes. On a few notes I have references to slides, the slides should be come available on https://myignite.

SharePoint Saturday Paris May 28 2016

On May 28th 2016 I visited SharePoint Saturday in Paris ( The event was held in the Montparnasse Tower in the center of Paris on the 40th floor. We had an amazing view from that height. This article contains my notes of the day. Start of the day We had some trouble getting in the building because of some regulations of the building owner, but when we were all registered we could go all the way up to the 40th floor.

Office UI Fabric, Microsoft’s bootstrap?

Microsoft has released a new framework for developing an awesome front-end called Office UI Fabric. So the big question is why did Microsoft created this framework? We already have a ton of different frameworks for front-end development like Bootstrap, Semantic UI, 960 Grid System and many more. The short answer is that we did not have a framework for creating Office or SharePoint add-ins that integrates with the looks of Office applications.

SharePoint Provider hosted app with Claims authentication

At one customer we have a SharePoint 2013 environment with ADFS 3.0 as the main authentication provider. I wanted to create a SharePoint Provider hosted app to do a Proof of Concept. I had configured everything to get started with apps and build a SharePoint hosted app to prove that my settings on SharePoint are correct. I did the SharePoint configuration with the help of the following 2 blogs: Mirjan van Olst and Wictor Wilén These 2 blogs provided the information and settings that we need to get SharePoint hosted apps to work.

Provision SharePoint with the use of Apps

This week I listened to a session from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas about ‘Site provisioning techniques with SharePoint apps’. This session was all about how to use the app model to provision sites, libraries and everything else you need in SharePoint. The had a lot of examples how to do this and what is changed in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 SP1. The overall point the made is that with the use of an SharePoint app you can make a template that will work both on premise and online without the use of web templates and sand boxed solutions A other benefit of this is that you can use one of the default templates that Microsoft supplies and you only have to change what you want to be different instead of creating complete new templates.