Domain Safety: DMARC Monitoring with ValiMail

Arjan Cornelissen
Introduction Email Security Challenges: A Brief Overview In today’s digital age, email remains a fundamental communication tool for individuals and businesses alike. However, its widespread use also makes it a prime target for cyber threats. Email security challenges are diverse and evolving, ranging from spam and malware distribution to more sophisticated threats like phishing and spoofing attacks. These attacks not only compromise sensitive information but also damage the trust and integrity of communication channels.

Use PowerShell Modules in Azure Functions

Lately, I have been working on some self-service tooling so that the employees can do specific tasks themselves, like updating members of a Shared Mailbox instead of creating a ticket and asking IT to do this. To build this solution, we have developed an Azure Function with API management as the back-end and a PowerApp as the front-end. Our team uses PowerShell a lot, and the easiest way to communicate with Exchange Online is using PowerShell.

Three easy tips on reducing SPAM in Office 365

Arjan Cornelissen
I wanted to do a write up of the tips I found in Office 365 to reduce the number of unwanted messages in Office 365. I will skip the most basic ones like adding the SPF record as this is told by the domain configuration that you need that. The more advanced once and usually not configured settings can bring you more. Let us start with the anti-spam policy, this one is configured with the basic settings, but are very loose.

European Collaboration Summit 2019

Last week I attended the European Collaboration Summit for the third time. This year another location in Wiesbaden. It was a fantastic conference with a lot of great speakers. This year I choose not to make a long post an everything I saw but made an Instagram story with the highlights. Go and watch it here Next year the conference is coming back to Wiesbaden from June 8th till June 10th

Move to the default Exchange auditing

Arjan Cornelissen
Last month Microsoft announced that they enable auditing by default on every mailbox. Before this, you needed to run a script on every newly created mailbox to enable auditing for the items you wanted. Microsoft provided a script for this that can be found on GitHub. The announcement can be found on techcommunity. In this announcement, they say that every new mailbox gets the default set of auditing. This default set can be updated from Microsoft’s side, but when you have enabled auditing by yourself or the script, they provided it stays that way.

Speaking at SPSNL 18

Arjan Cornelissen
This morning I had the ability to deliver a session at SharePoint Saturday in the Netherlands. The session is about first line workers and what Office 365 has to offer them. See below a really great sketchnote that Luise (@LuiseFreese) made. joined a nice session regarding firstlineworkers with @arjancornelis at @spsnl #SPSNL18 #spsnl — Luise Freese 👑 Crown & Wand Academy (@LuiseFreese) June 30, 2018 The complete presentation can be viewed on SlideShare [slideshare id=103742312&doc=20180630-spsnlusingoffice365foryourfirstlineworkers-180630111437]

Correct sizing Shared Mailboxes

Arjan Cornelissen
Today I saw a notification in the Office 365 Portal about the correct sizing of Shared Mailboxes. It seems that Microsoft is creating Shared and resource mailboxes with a max limit of 100GB. As the documentation states these mailboxes can only have a size of 50GB and when you need more space you need to assign an Exchange Plan 2 license to that mailbox to get 100GB of space for that mailbox.

European Collaboration Summit 2018

It was time again for the European Collaboration Summit. After the success of last year, I attended again. This time it was a bit closer to home in Mainz. We started on Tuesday with a keynote from Dan Holme (@DanHolme) with a recap of the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas from last week. The take a way’s for me were OneDrive can handle over 300 different filetypes with a preview; this works in the browser and on the mobile clients.

Hybrid user profile photo

When setting up a hybrid environment we usually first setup hybrid search and do not that much on hybrid profiles. I have noticed that there are some quirks in the hybrid profiles what might not get noticed while setting it up. At the moment of setting up hybrid profiles, there is not that much to configure. Only none, all in Office 365 or based on a group. As many of you know a good user profile consists of some basic data like a photo, name, contact details, manager and location.

Using flow for a selective auto responder

Arjan Cornelissen
This week I got the question from my client that they wanted an autoresponder on one mailbox. This autoresponder should only send an email when certain criteria where met. After searching on the internet, they could not find a solution in Exchange, so they came to me if I could help them. My first response was that it should be possible, but the options in Exchange online are limited and responding was not an option.