Benefits of the cloud

Arjan Cornelissen
This post was inspired by a Facebook group where there was a question what we could teach the others and since my expertise is about Office 365 and Azure and suggested that I could write about that, but it was to technical so they asked me to make teach a higher over topic. One of the topics is explaining the benefits of using the cloud. To do that I need to start what the cloud is.

Moved my blog from SharePoint Online to WordPress

Arjan Cornelissen
Last weekend I moved my blog from SharePoint Online public site to WordPress. The reason for this move is that Microsoft abandoned the SharePoint Online public site. For those who have a public site can use it at least until March 9 2017 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3027254). So the first thing for me was where to host this? There are multiple options here: WordPress.org Self-hosting on my NAS at home Hosting in a VM on Azure Hosting on Azure website (default template) Hosting on Azure website with MySQL in a Docker Linux VM I choice to host this on Azure website with a MySQL server in a Docker Linux VM.