Connect to SharePoint Online in Azure Automation app credentials

In this post, I want to take you with me how you can use app credentials in an Azure Automation script to connect to SharePoint Online. Many PowerShell scripts use a username and password, but these are less secure than using an app credential and can also be used to login to SharePoint Online in the browser. By default, connecting to SharePoint uses basic authentication and many companies are on route to disable this to make use of conditional Access and MFA.

SPS Paris and SPS Belgium

Last two weekends I went to SharePoint Saturday in Paris and Belgium. It is always great to meet other SharePoint and Office 365 consultants, customers and suppliers. SPS Paris The first weekend I went to Paris where I did not read my emails to carefully, so I was at the wrong venue. I was not the only one. It took some extra time to get to the new location. Arrived there I was just in time for the first session; this was a session about the secure score site from Microsoft.

SharePoint Saturday Munich 2017

This year of SharePoint Saturday’s started with the one in Munich last weekend. This time there was also a preconference session on Friday. The sessions on Friday and Saturday were held at the brand-new building of Microsoft Germany. Friday session This year they organized two preconference sessions. A developer one about Office Dev PnP and an IT Pro about SharePoint 2016. I went to the SharePoint 2016 session where they talked about all the aspects of SharePoint 20116.

SharePoint Saturday Brussel October 15, 2016

Last weekend I visited SharePoint Saturday in Brussel Belgium. This was my fourth time here in Belgium and again a great one. The day was setup up 6 sessions of 50 minutes and a lunch break of 1.5 hours with a 30 minute. We started at 9 with a welcome from the BIWUG team and the first session started short after that. I started with some developer sessions. Get Typing with TypeScript I started the day with a session from David Opdendries (@sharepointdavid)

Ignite 2016 Atlanta summary

Last week I had the privilege to attent Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. This week was full of news, sessions and a lot of walking. Besides the sessions, this year the expo hall was large, I have spend a lot of time at the expo talking to venders, partners and Microsoft. I have created a PDF from all my notes. On a few notes I have references to slides, the slides should be come available on https://myignite.

Term store import with Office Dev PnP

As a follow up on my post from last week I wanted to add some extra data in the terms. This is not possible with the default CSV import that SharePoint has. I mentioned in my previous post that Office Dev PnP has also an option to import terms. And with that option we can add a lot more than only the term itself. What commands do we have? We have a 2 options here to add term to Office 365.

Updated: Extension attributes in Azure AD

This week I had a customer that has some data in their on-premises Active directory that we needed to use for a custom application in SharePoint Online. This data was placed in the ExtensionAttribute field of the user. With the latest version of Azure AD Connect we have the option to select attributes to sync to Azure Active Directory and that is what the customer did. This screenshot has selected division and employeeID, but in the complete list of available attributes there are also the ExtensionAttributes.

SharePoint Saturday Netherlands June 11 2016

Two weeks after my visit to SharePoint Saturday Paris I visited SharePoint Saturday Netherlands. The schedule for today was a bit more relaxed than in Paris. We had 4 session slots of 75 minutes with great sessions and more time in between the sessions to have a chat with sponsors, trying out the HoloLens and playing some games. The HoloLens is a very cool device and I tried it here for the first time.

SharePoint Saturday Paris May 28 2016

On May 28th 2016 I visited SharePoint Saturday in Paris ( The event was held in the Montparnasse Tower in the center of Paris on the 40th floor. We had an amazing view from that height. This article contains my notes of the day. Start of the day We had some trouble getting in the building because of some regulations of the building owner, but when we were all registered we could go all the way up to the 40th floor.

How to get the geolocation column

There are a number of blogs already written about how to get the Geolocation column on your SharePoint site, but a lot of sites use the wrong syntax for the field XML. Even the MSDN site for adding the geolocation column to your site is incomplete. The correct XML to use is: The important part here is the addition of the Name property in the field definition. The complete script to add it to your site is: