SharePoint Saturday Munich 2017

This year of SharePoint Saturday’s started with the one in Munich last weekend. This time there was also a preconference session on Friday. The sessions on Friday and Saturday were held at the brand-new building of Microsoft Germany. Friday session This year they organized two preconference sessions. A developer one about Office Dev PnP and an IT Pro about SharePoint 2016. I went to the SharePoint 2016 session where they talked about all the aspects of SharePoint 20116.

Azure AD Connect with multiple forests

Arjan Cornelissen
In the last week of 2016 I was working on some issues that some users in certain groups were not synchronized to Azure AD. The users itself were in Azure AD but the group membership did not sync. The problem here was that the users were in another forest than the group. At this customer, we have multiple forests with users from the different countries and they start to work together more and now we had some complaints that the users where not able to access resources while they placed them in the correct groups.

Error: requested federation realm object does not exist

Arjan Cornelissen
A few weeks ago we got a few users telling us that they were not able to sign in to Office 365 with an error message “AADSTS50107: Requested federation realm object does not exist”. After searching the internet I only found errors with a whole domain not able to sign in because it was a subdomain and that was not recognized by Office 365. The affected users where able to sign in to other applications on ADFS and other users where able to sign in to Office 365 with that same domain name.

Ignite 2016 Atlanta summary

Last week I had the privilege to attent Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. This week was full of news, sessions and a lot of walking. Besides the sessions, this year the expo hall was large, I have spend a lot of time at the expo talking to venders, partners and Microsoft. I have created a PDF from all my notes. On a few notes I have references to slides, the slides should be come available on https://myignite.

ADFS signing certificate rollover

A few weeks ago it was the time of the year that the signing certificate of ADFS was expiring. Last year it took us by surprise because the ADFS team did not notify us and we did not put it in our agenda’s that the certificate would expire. So last year we had a lot of people complaining that SharePoint 2013 was not available anymore. This year we had it in our agenda’s that the certificate would roll over, so we were prepared for a roll over and had contact with the ADFS team and made an arrangement to roll over the certificate.

Azure AD Conditional Access

Arjan Cornelissen
Last week Microsoft made Azure AD conditional Access publicly available. Let me explain what it is and why we would like to have this. What is it? First let’s talk about what it is. Azure AD conditional access lets you decide per application in Azure AD how your authentication should be handled. By default all the applications use the same kind of authentication. It does not matter if you are inside the company walls or at Starbucks.

Azure AD Connect and domain sync issue

Last week I was getting complaints by users in our Office 365 environment that the address book in Exchange was not up to date. The issues was that users where getting email addresses with the as the default email address. The users with these mail addresses where users that are in our on-premises Exchange environment. The situation At this customer we have a select group of users in Office 365 and all other users are in an on-premises Exchange environment.

SharePoint Saturday Paris May 28 2016

On May 28th 2016 I visited SharePoint Saturday in Paris ( The event was held in the Montparnasse Tower in the center of Paris on the 40th floor. We had an amazing view from that height. This article contains my notes of the day. Start of the day We had some trouble getting in the building because of some regulations of the building owner, but when we were all registered we could go all the way up to the 40th floor.

Diwug presentation

Arjan Cornelissen
This week I did my first presentation for DIWUG witch was a great success. The presentation can be viewed below. 20160128 - Diwug Azure AD en SharePoint (Online), en hoe doe je dat precies—Arjan Cornelissen