Office UI Fabric, Microsoft’s bootstrap?

Microsoft has released a new framework for developing an awesome front-end called Office UI Fabric. So the big question is why did Microsoft created this framework? We already have a ton of different frameworks for front-end development like Bootstrap, Semantic UI, 960 Grid System and many more. The short answer is that we did not have a framework for creating Office or SharePoint add-ins that integrates with the looks of Office applications.

Skype for Business 2016 client with an older version of Lync / OCS server

Arjan Cornelissen
This week Microsoft released the new version of Office ( and with that came a new version of Skype for Business. I installed this on all of my machines including 1 of my customer, they use an older version of Lync and I got an message that the server version is not compatible with the client. I had this before with the previous versions of Office so I headed over to the blog of my colleague Albert Hoitingh who had a registry key for the previous versions.