European Collaboration Summit 2018

It was time again for the European Collaboration Summit. After the success of last year, I attended again. This time it was a bit closer to home in Mainz. We started on Tuesday with a keynote from Dan Holme (@DanHolme) with a recap of the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas from last week. The take a way’s for me were OneDrive can handle over 300 different filetypes with a preview; this works in the browser and on the mobile clients.

Hybrid user profile photo

When setting up a hybrid environment we usually first setup hybrid search and do not that much on hybrid profiles. I have noticed that there are some quirks in the hybrid profiles what might not get noticed while setting it up. At the moment of setting up hybrid profiles, there is not that much to configure. Only none, all in Office 365 or based on a group. As many of you know a good user profile consists of some basic data like a photo, name, contact details, manager and location.

Email security in Office 365

Arjan Cornelissen
There are various ways of security in office 365, this time I walk you thru the security possibilities for Email. As we start with the basics, we have the option to use an SPF record to protect us from spam on a very basic level. This is so basic and a requirement when you add the domain to Office 365. As we go deeper into the security of the mail flow we see DKIM and DMARC.

Azure AD profile properties in SharePoint profile

Arjan Cornelissen
A common situation in SharePoint is adding custom properties to a SharePoint profile. In an on-premises environment, it was very easy to link these properties to a property in AD. In SharePoint Online, you are not able to link these Azure AD properties. So how can we solve this? There is a very simple solution for this in the Office Dev PnP PowerShell pack called ‘Set-PnPProfileProperty’. This command sets any user profile property for the given user.

Force renewal of Content Types in SharePoint Online

Arjan Cornelissen
In 2014 I wrote a post on how to force the renewal of the content types in an on-premises environment and got a request on that post if it was possible to do the same in Office 365. After a short research and some changes to the original script, see below for the result. It uses the Office Dev PnP PowerShell CmdLets. See below for the version for SharePoint Online

SPS Paris and SPS Belgium

Last two weekends I went to SharePoint Saturday in Paris and Belgium. It is always great to meet other SharePoint and Office 365 consultants, customers and suppliers. SPS Paris The first weekend I went to Paris where I did not read my emails to carefully, so I was at the wrong venue. I was not the only one. It took some extra time to get to the new location. Arrived there I was just in time for the first session; this was a session about the secure score site from Microsoft.

Enabling modern authentication on Office 365

Arjan Cornelissen
The first thing that might come to your mind might be that modern authentication is enabled for Office 365. Well that is partly true. It is enabled for SharePoint online, not for Exchange and Skype for Business if your tenant is created before august 1st 2017. While writing this about 95% of the tenants are older then 1 month so modern authentication is not enabled for Exchange and Skype for Business.

DIWUG Presentation May 18e 2017

Arjan Cornelissen
This week I did a presentation at DIWUG about how to use Azure Automation in combination with Office 365 I told about the possibilities of Azure Automation, what you can do with it in general and then zoomed in on specific tasks within Office 365 like setting the useslocation of your users. When you need a Hybrid configuration and how you can use version control with your scripts. [slideshare id=83741543&doc=20170518-watkanazureautomationbiedenvooroffice365klanten-171209194336]

Give a partner access to your SPO site

Arjan Cornelissen
As I described in a previous article you can add a partner to your Office 365 tenant to assist you with managing your tenant. This article goes deeper into what your partner can do in SharePoint Online Your partner can do the same things as the SharePoint administrator can do, so they see the SharePoint admin portal and can change all the settings. By default, they do not have access to any site collection or the data in your site collections.

Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell with MFA enabled account

Connecting to Exchange Online was only possible with an account that did not have MFA enabled because it only can handle basic authentication. This is an issue because Microsoft advises us to have accounts that can do administrative tasks to have MFA enabled. Now we must choose between an account that has no MFA and a possible security breach and an account that cannot connect to Exchange Online. To solve this, we had an account that was disabled by default and when we had to do Exchange tasks we enabled it.